On this page, I have reviewed the products and services that you need to harness the full power of YouTube.

Some are basic, others more advanced. Some are free, some paid (affiliate links meaning I do get a tiny commission). Please be assured that the tools that are mentioned are things we use.

Our Own products:

  1. YouTube Channel Mastery. There are 35 short over the shoulder videos in this membership protected course. Aimed at the complete beginner through to the Intermediate level marketer, YouTube Channel Mastery covers every single aspect of YouTube Channel creation and optimization. Click the image to learn more.


2. Tube Remarketing Mastery. This course is slightly more advanced than YouTube Channel Mastery and does require that you have a channel and preferably a website. In this membership protected course, I show you how to set up many different kinds of remarketing lists so that you can ethically follow your audience around Youtube, Google and the web. Even if you only have a few videos, I highly recommend creating your lists now as they will grow automatically. Click the image to learn more.


3. Tube Architect: This is a complete 100% start to Finish Ranking Guide. In this membership protected course, I cover every single step you need to implement in order to rank your videos on Youtube and Google. Plus, the exact tools or resources used for each of these steps. If you are looking for a COMPLETE blueprint to ranking, this is what you need. 50 plus videos, 4 Superstar interviews and a Bonus software.


Tube Architect

4. YouTube Ads Mastery: This is our complete up to date YouTube Ads course. No stone is left unturned. YouTube Ads Mastery teaches you how to increase your online sales, traffic and brand exposure using YouTube Advertising. We teach how to use videos that ‘speak’ to your target audience along with targeted campaigns allows you to get the best bang for your buck. Click the image to learn more

YouTube Ads Mastery Review

5. Video Script Mastery: One of the things many people struggle with is knowing what to say. There is a lot more to this than you think. Are you aiming to get more subscribers, reviewing products, building your list or running youtube ads? Then each script needs to follow a certain pattern. Add to this proposals to offline clients, VSLs and there are a whole bunch of factors to be considered. COMING SOON

Video Script Mastery

6. Tube Rank Explosion: 40 HIGH Quality videos showing you the exact process we have been using to dominate the search engines.


Our Recommended Products & Services

Free Thumbnail Generator >>

Pro Rank Tracker>>


Channel Authority Booster Package>>

Free Version of Wirecast ( Not Freely available online)>>

We have tutorials on how to use Wirecast inside of Tube Traffic Alchemy Platinum

Video Creation Software we use:

Content Samurai (Super easy way to create videos and access to a huge stock image library too).

Easy VSL 2 (Make professional looking video Sales Letters. Could even provide this as a service).

Video Maker FX ( Best Selling Video Creator)

Easy Sketch Pro ( Best selling Doodle video Creator)

Video Editing Training: Camtasia Training. If you use Camtasia for MAC or Windows, then it’s important you are able to utilize its power. This training will help you do just that.

Approved ‘Video Oracle’ Gigs- Please Read The Guidelines

I’m sure you have heard of Fiverr, SeoClerks and Market Source. There are a ton of gigs available on these websites. Here are the gems we have found among the trash. Like anything though, you’ll need to try for yourself and of course, there may be others that work that we have not tested. This is just a guide.

NOTE: You need to have a logical process if you take out gigs to boost your videos. First, please ensure you have ALL your on page optimization done. In many cases, this will be enough. Once done, and you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, then use the below gigs.

BUT, not all at once. Pick one and order it. Then, allow it time not be delivered AND to take effect ( 72 hours approx). If you still need a boost, then, and only then move onto the next gig. I doubt you’ll need them all.

Finally, there is no 100% formula.

YouTube Video Promotion:

7 step power punch:

PR 9 Backlinks:

EDU Backlinks:


Channel Authority Growth: Check it out here